Live at The Heritage Hotel 12​-​07​-​12

by The Blackwater Fever



released December 14, 2015

Recorded live at The Heritage Hotel, Bulli New South Wales, Australia 12-07-12

The Blackwater Fever are:
Vox / Guitar: Shane Hicks
Organ / Bass: Jed A Walters
Drums: Andrew Walter

Mixed and mastered by Shane Hicks
Cover photo credit: John Sutcliffe



all rights reserved


The Blackwater Fever Brisbane, Australia

The Depths is the third album by Brisbane based Australian band, The Blackwater Fever. Recorded, mixed and produced by the band from their home studio, Parallel Sound, the album represents an evolution in songwriting and production.

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Track Name: Better Off Dead (Live)
oh baby if you need me now
well honey you're much too late
maybe I could hear your moans
if I wasn't miles away

so i know it's sad but true
oh baby can't see
this love has turned black and blue
so I'm better off dead to you

like a spell you cast
your charms had a hold on me
but bad love don't last, no baby
look what you've been to me

now all the good times are through
oh baby can't see
my heart is so battered and bruised
so I'm better off dead to you
Track Name: Can't Help Yourself (Live)
the needle falls
hammer in your hand
soon time and space won't mean a thing
you can't help yourself

can't help yourself

the city beat
a red light rolling stone
strangers feed on flesh, stripped from your bones
you can't help yourself

can't help yourself

when the darkness falls
a killer on the prowl
his blade is sharp and cold and he bleeds you out
you can't help yourself

can't help yourself
Track Name: Now She's Gone (Live)
i've been up all night, walkin' city streets
wondering what i did to make her heart skip a beat
'cause now she's gone

didn't i care for you, give you everything you need
i treated you like a queen
now i know that i should've seen this coming on
'cause now she's gone

my souls' worn down, like a river bed stone
she left without a reason why & that cuts me to the bone
my heart still burns of the thought of her you see
someone put this fire out 'cause these thoughts won't let me be

now that she's gone
Track Name: End Of Time (Live)
beneath the sea
man i'm gonna hide, if you let me be

and i'll simmer quiet
like a lion sleeps
soon i'm gonna rise… oh yeah

a heated pistol
torn at the seams
and a shot rang out like white lightening

over your city, on an red fault-line, like a live fuse wire… oh yeah

eras and ages, surge and recede
and i'll hold my stride, till i'm on my knees

till the end of time, till the end of time, till the end of time
Track Name: Taking Its Toll (Live)
I got a woman, prettiest thing round
but I keep hearin' she's been sneakin' around
she sets off on the prowl...yeah
every damn time I'm outta town

I love that woman with heart n' soul
but it's taking its toll... oh no!

lord, I don’t know what I’m gonna do
cause every time I ask, she swears them lies ain't true
so am I just a jealous fool
cause when I call late at night the phone rings out

I love that girl, but heaven knows
but it's taking its toll... oh no!

well I gotta let her go
cause I saw her down town, with her high heels on
and at night when she's all alone
that midnight hour, is gonna take its toll... oh no!
Track Name: Lovesick (Live)
baby I’m earning, can I come over
this ravenous feeling, taking me over
the smell of you takes me away, I didn’t want you to know
all it took was just a taste, to lose all self control

you got me lovesick

darling I’m longing, you cannot control lust
eve and the apple, urge and the weakness
eyes dilate out in the dark, I didn’t want you to see
all I need is just a trace, with this hunger inside of me

you got me lovesick